Kale Berry Smoothie


Ingredients & How To:

  • Two big stalks of¬†raw kale
  • 2-3 cups of frozen mixed berries
  • 1 small¬†banana
  • 2 tbsp. ground flaxseed
  • Splash of Orange Juice (or juice of 1 orange)
  • 4-8 oz. Water (to preferred¬†taste and consistency)

Put all ingredients in the blender (I do so in the order listed) and blend until smooth. Easy-peasy!



  • I don‚Äôt actually measure all of this stuff. I pick the biggest and tastiest looking stalks of kale in
    my bunch and just tear off and rinse the leafy parts (don’t eat the stems). I use a standard 16-oz tumbler cup to estimate the berries. I eyeball the yogurt completely and give a hefty sprinkling with the flaxseed. The water is also added without any measuring…just poured in to get to my preferred consistency. And the OJ can be high in sugar so use just a splash.
  • Even with a fairly heavy-duty¬†blender, it takes a solid 1-2 minutes to blend all this into straw-friendly consistency, so be patient with your appliances.
  • You can use unsweetened almond milk instead of OJ if you like a more creamy quality.
  • You can absolutely use fresh spinach leaves in place of kale. And for the sake of getting a variety of leafy greens, why not?
  • Use a minimal sugar yogurt with live and active cultures, or just skip that ingredient completely.
  • The ground flaxseed is a nutrition add-in. It is really great to have but not required to make the recipe¬†work.

ūüôā ¬†¬†Enjoy!

Let me tell you the trick to green smoothies:¬†¬† Make sure to add enough liquid (water, milk, milk alternative, juice) and don’t get all OCD about measuring the stuff. As I mentioned above, you can pretty much eyeball the whole thing. Nobody has time for measuring cups and¬†spoons when they’re trying to get out the door in the morning, so don’t stress over exact amounts.

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Creating Sacred Space Each Day

In celebration of our¬†upcoming Still Saturday event, I thought I’d share¬†a few¬†practices I’ve found helpful to create space¬†in my life¬†for God to do His work. ¬†¬†(Note that¬†there is still a LOT of it left to do…like a lot, a lot.)

Four Practices + Two Bonus Ideas

1. Get out of bed 30 minutes earlier. 

This is your time, it is thirty minutes that you are adding to the day for your own spiritual growth so protect this time. Be careful not to let email, dirty dishes, or Twitter notifications steal from it. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sit down in your most comfy spot. Open up your Bible and read your scripture for the day. (More below on what to read.) It is extra nice to have a journal or sketchbook handy where you can briefly write or doodle about the parts that speak to you most.

Then pray:

  1. Offer gratitude for the day ahead, for your life, your loved ones, and for God’s¬†faithfulness.
  2. Ask God to lead you through the day and help you to be a beacon of light and love.
  3. Share your thoughts about the scripture you just read; ask for clarification and understanding, let go of the confessions it stirred up, ask to be shown ways to apply it, and reflect on your convictions.
  4. And finally, be quiet. Give it another 5 minutes without any¬†talking. Be silent and listen…give God a chance to respond before closing your prayer.

2. Take up a quiet craft.

Crafting as a spiritual practice seems to be¬†overlooked, but¬†I have seen it work wonders in my own life so¬†I’d really encourage others to give it a shot.¬†I recently had a miscarriage that¬†was a hard and devastating loss for me…it really threw me off my tracks – physically, emotionally, spiritually…I was a wreck.

Just two days before it started, I had taken a beginner’s crochet class, and the days that followed were mostly spent¬†taking it easy, processing, and trying to heal. I picked up my¬†yarn thinking if I was going to be stuck in bed¬†not sure¬†what my heart was doing from one minute to the next, I may as well get in some practice.

The quiet, focused, repetitive motion of crochet stitches calmed me. It gave me time to sit still without feeling bored, and without wanting to look at my social media feeds or feel like I should be doing some more productive. It helped me give myself grace in a way. It was something I could do even when I was very sad and tearful, and it brought me a zen kind of peace as I sorted through my thoughts and feelings. It has truly made a difference in this part of my journey, and I ended up falling in love with a craft that now joyfully reminds me of my grandma.

The important thing I think, is to find something that requires you to focus, but does not need a whole lot of thinking, and that you can do quietly by yourself. Knitting, crochet, needlepoint, making hemp or beaded jewelry, painting, or any number of things. Just something for you to peacefully co-create with the Lord.

3. Be with His People and His Creation.

This is pretty simple. You need two things on a constant, regular basis.

  • Nature walks.
  • People to love and be loved by.

You’ve probably heard how immensely beneficial it is to spend time in nature and have a supportive community of people around you. And I absolutely¬†agree, these are definite quality-of-life improvers. But these things also¬†have a HUGE impact on our understanding of God.

There have been a lot of prayers lifted up and tears fallen down through the trails of Oak Canyon Nature Center. This is my go-to place when the noise has gotten too loud and I need to feel¬†God in the trees and the streams. This is where I go when I need to be wrapped up in peace, and I am better for it. Both immediately after each and every walk, and¬†also in the long run. I am better for the time I’ve spent soaking up the natural world the way it was created, rather than the way humanity has managed to mold it.

And my people…oh gosh. My people. I would be a big, stinking, hot mess if it weren’t for the people who walk this wild life with me. From my husband who is my actual best friend and partner in all the things, to my artfully curated group of girlfriends (seriously, I have the very best), to my extended church community. These are the people that hear me out, share my prayers, encourage, inspire, and celebrate with¬†me. They are people brought together by a plan and purpose far greater than I can describe, and I would be nearly nothing without them.

These are two big areas where God makes himself known Рcreation and community. So make it a real point to spend time with trees and build a community of confidantes. It will change your life and widen your view of the Creator and Life Force of the entire universe.

4. Spend intentional and significant time praying.

There is nothing – not one single thing – that will bring you closer to God than prayer, so pray¬†continuously. Pray every day about every thing. Pray when you’re driving or¬†taking a shower. Write your prayers in letters to God. Set reminders on your phone to take short prayer or quiet time breaks throughout the day. Pray, pray, PRAY. Whenever you can, tune out the world’s clamor¬†and talk to God. If¬†you don’t feel like talking, then skip it.¬†He¬†already knows what’s on your¬†heart and mind, so go ahead and¬†hangout quietly for a few minutes and just let your soul rest. It doesn’t much matter how you pray, just that you do.

….you might also want to….


  • ~~Find a Bible reading plan.

How will¬†you know what scripture to read each morning? With a plan. This is no¬†breezy summer beach read….there is significant weight here¬†and¬†having a plan makes for a much more coherent experience.

I have only been studying the Bible for about 3 years, but I’ve found my favorite method is¬†to dig through¬†one book at a time to really wring out what’s going on there.

But¬†there are many other ways too! If you have the (completely free)¬†YouVersion Bible app, then you already have access to literally thousands of reading plans. If you prefer printed plans or want something emailed to you, check out She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth, Proverbs 31 Ministries, Faith Gateway,¬†Bible Gateway,¬† and¬†the¬†“Bible In A Year” plan.

  • ~~Dig even deeper.

Do real, actual Bible studies. (I know…but hear me out.)¬†The thing about this is that you¬†need to come to your own conclusions about God. There is a lot of insight to be found in the Bible, but its a complicated text that needs to be taken apart a fair amount to really make sense, and its nice to be able to reach understandings about¬†it yourself. It is better to read and discern¬†something for yourself than it is to adopt¬†someone else’s¬†perception of it as your own. And its invaluable to know what you believe and why you believe it, to separate the literal from the figurative, and to be sure of what you accept as truth.

Lifeway has a great¬†selection of studies.¬†Beth Moore and Kelly Minter are a couple of my favorites in this area, and¬†Priscilla Shirer has recently piqued my interest too. These are just a few of many though…take the time to find one that will be interesting to you.



info card

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Why We Quit Homeschool Before It Began

My son, Maddox, had been asking me for nearly two years if he could change from a traditional public school to a homeschool platform. I was reluctant mainly because my husband and I both work full-time and aren’t home to run a homeschooling operation. And I read the blogs, people. Homeschooling¬†is indeed a major operation.

But I had started to see those K12 commercials and it¬†seemed like a potentially workable option. After exploring the whole thing in detail and checking out a few of the networked schools that appealed to us, we settled on one and went through the registration and enrollment process. Maddox was thrilled to finally have the homeschool opportunity he’d been hoping for and I felt perfectly¬†confident about the decision.

Maddox is a very studious, smart, focused person. He is only 9 years old, but wise beyond his years and just very scholastic. He understands his lessons clearly, requires very little help with homework or assignments, and (much unlike his mama here) was gifted with some sort of inherent knack for school and learning. Its bewildering to me, really, as I was quite over the whole schooling thing by third grade or so. But he is who he is.

Which is exactly what convinced me that he might actually know what’s best for himself in this department. I certainly wasn’t doubting my¬†ability to call the mom-shots, but¬†I felt in my heart that Maddox knew what he needed in this area of his life better than anyone else¬†did. So when an opportunity came up that made sense for him, I was completely supportive and happy to help it come to fruition for him.

The driving force behind this entire thing was that I trusted my children to make this call for themselves. My daughter absolutely did not want to homeschool. She wanted to be with lots of people…she missed her friends and her teacher. She craves a highly social learning environment, which is perfectly and totally okay. Maddox felt pulled toward the exact opposite.

This isn’t surprising…my kids are one another’s exact opposite in almost every way. A complete listing of their common interests includes Disneyland and that Minecraft game that kids play now. Other than that – Completely. Different. People.

So we planned for their two unique choices and went about the business of both. Then last week, the final week before school officially started, Maddox had some orientation and welcome courses to take, meant to familiarize him with the online platform, his course listing, what is expected of him, and all of that good stuff.

Those orientation classes were a clear indicator to him that this was not the right option for him.

After going through them, he felt overwhelmed and uncertain. He felt ill-prepared and unsure that he would be able to stay on-task in the online classroom. I assume these courses were meant to give students confidence as they begin a new system, but Maddox left the courses feeling like that new system was not a good fit for him after all.

Since this whole endeavor was¬†motivated by the belief that my kids can make good decisions, even if it is a last-minute decision, I accepted Maddox’s feelings about it without any reservation. If he felt wrong about this, I was not going to argue with or condemn his instincts. My greatest aim in all of this was that my kids feel empowered and able to make decisions for themselves. Obviously supervised decisions (I’m not an idiot) but decisions nonetheless.

So we stopped everything. We cancelled enrollment. We sent the books and materials back to the school. We put the furniture back the way it was prior to adding a desk to the layout. We made sure his previous school still had him registered. And then did the whole uniforms, backpack, lunchbox, new shoes, and spiffy new haircut dealio last weekend before the grind kicked back on Tuesday morning.

And everyone is perfectly happy.

For us, this was never about sheltering our kids from mainstream education¬†or¬†trying to protect them¬†from pop culture. And it¬†definitely wasn’t about intervening with basic scientific or¬†educational¬†norms, since I am really¬†not the type to rob my kids of general¬†factual information. I am totally confident that, like myself¬†and other intelligent believers, they will reconcile (to the extent possible) the realities of science and history with their spiritual teachings and Biblical understanding as they move into adulthood.

What this was about was showing my kids that I respect them as individuals. Showing them that they can explore things and make decisions, and that they can make adjustments when needed. Showing them that¬†there’s not always a right way and a wrong way to do things, and that each of us may take our own approach. We don’t all learn with the same methods and we don’t all excel in the same environments. But we’re all people and we all have feelings and desires and things that drive us, and we have to honor those things.

This experience has shown me that my kids (and probably most kids) know a lot more about life than one might first think. So I will keep encouraging them to explore different paths and will absolutely seek their input on big decisions as they grow up.

(But I’m still not footing the bill for this kid to take up hockey. He can start himself a GoFundMe campaign or something.)¬†


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What’s good? (July 2015)


Where did you even come from dude? I feel like you snuck up on us a bit and now we’re more than halfway through the year with little to show for it.

We’re all going to wake up tomorrow and it’ll be Christmas. Watch…



Do you remember the movie, KIDS?

This was probably the most interesting thing I have read all week – an interview with the main cast and crew, twenty years later. I remember seeing this movie and being both deeply moved and deeply disturbed at the same time. It was unforgettable, and it had hit me hard.

Sex, drugs, and rave culture were things I knew very well¬†and things that were so vividly illustrated by this unexpected¬†cult-like film of the 90s. It had a big impact on me when I saw it. Reading this interview really stirred¬†things up for me…

kids 1995









One breathtaking shot from every state.

view of cumberland gap and fern lake at pinnacle overlook. cumberland nat. his.park, ky
View of Cumberland Gap and Fern Lake at Pinnacle Overlook. Cumberland Nat. His. Park, KY














I love these 33 Captivating Road Trip Photos from NatGeo.

camper patio











9 Things to Know About Kids in Foster Care

foster kids













This really ripped my heart right out of my chest. I have felt for a long time that foster care and/or adoption are part of my future, and now I feel so more than ever. No child should have to live without someone to love, cherish, and protect them. That just should not be.


How To Stop Surviving and Find Your Real Purpose

real purpose

















Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

It¬†has taken me so long to get around to this one because¬†I didn’t want to read it badly enough to actually buy it and only just discovered it at my library last week. But, better late than never, right?

(And to be honest…I think I could’ve written this very same collection of essays¬†with far greater fanfare. All I heard about this book was the¬†controversial content and explicit stories, but I have yet to be even the slightest bit shocked or offended.)

not that kind of girl










The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

tidying up















Annnnnnnnnnddddd, that is what’s good this July. ¬†ūüôā












Are we friends on Facebook yet?  Because we totally should be.

Even though I usually have a way better time on Instagram…

I do some pinning here and there, and occasionally I tweet.

And just for good measure ;)
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Beauty on the Path Less Chosen

I tend to pick the tree-lined path,

The shady path,

The one I deem prettier.

I don’t look for¬†glory¬†in the desert,

Or in the trail more brown than green.

Yesterday I walked the higher road,

And the only trees were those below,

And the plants beside me were dry brush and

Wildflowers rattling in the breeze.

Yet there was beauty there too,

Which I rarely see because when the sign

Says “ridge” and the other says “stream”

I always go the way of the water.

Yesterday I looked at the trees from the top

And took in a view I don’t often regard¬†with

Endless sky above me and green earth below,

That made me wonder what the birds behold.

Where I usually heard water trickling,

Instead there were brittle leaves rustling,

And there was beauty there too.

The open sky reminded me that I am limitless,

And the breeze told me I can go anywhere I choose.

The holes in the ground where the snakes like to crawl,

Said¬†that the¬†squirrels don’t have it all figured out,

While the dusty trail confirmed politely that the

Diversity in wildness is just perfect.

The forest and ocean, desert and snow, cliffs and meadows,

All treasured for their uniqueness.

There are different paths,

Perhaps chosen less often,

But there is beauty there too.

¬© Danielle Hewitt (of¬†Loving A Fit Life)¬†and DanielleHewitt.com (including¬†LovingAFitLife.com)¬†2011 ‚Äď 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site‚Äôs author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Danielle Hewitt¬†and DanielleHewitt.com¬†with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

I hate the way politics separate us

A week or so ago, someone who I was once in love with invited me to like a Facebook page. The Facebook page was that of a Fox News anchor.

Let me preface this by explaining that I loathe Fox News. CAN. NOT. STAND IT. I feel like¬†there is nothing more angry, hateful, and judgmental in the entire land of media. And it just doesn’t resonate¬†with me…I can’t be called a conservative, republican, or right-winger.

That ain’t me, babe

So I got this Facebook invite and my first thought was “oh dear God…he watches, promotes even, Fox-freaking-News??!?!? Thank goodness¬†the door closed on that relationship.”

Then one second later, I thought “WHOA, Danielle. Whoa. That’s not a cool thought to have.”

(And good grief, I just realized I made a Bob Dylan reference a second ago¬†and it was this same dude having a Bob Dylan ringtone that first intrigued me about him…well, I guess that just furthers my¬†point here.)

And that point really is that our commonality far outweighs our differences, and separation is a tragic illusion. This is a person I was once romantically involved with in a very intense way and all of the sudden I was going to shift from holding him in a place of love (albeit no longer even slightly romantic) to a place of separation because of the news outlet he watches???

How could I allow that in my heart? How could I be a person who allows a sense of disconnection with another being over their media choices and/or political affiliation?

Or when I see people being all pro-Hillary or pro-Elizabeth, I am like “YEAH MAN! Go girl, you and me are¬†on the same team!”

Then I see people promoting their opposition and I get confused because for some reason, I thought better of them before that?

WHAT??? WHY??? How does that make any sense??

It doesn’t make sense…

I hate politics. I hate the division it creates.

I hate seeing people that I have always perceived as loving, accepting, and incredibly kind, suddenly promoting reactionary ideals or going off on strongly-worded tangents about liberals and progressive candidates.

But the issue is that what I hate more than that, is that I hate it at all.

I am bothered by the fact that my perception of someone can be swayed by their personal beliefs. Because that just should not be the case.

I saw someone share a picture of a sign the other day that read (and I quote):

I ain’t voting for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

Seriously, that’s what it said. And it irritated me. To begin with, the gross lack of intelligence necessary to compose that sentence…can we please be better users of language¬†than this?

But more importantly, what kind of message is that???

What does that say about us as a society? That 17 years later, we’re bringing up a scandal in an effort to¬†target a woman who was, arguably, the victim of said scandal?

I mean…what?

And this is the kind of stuff that is going to get passed around like candy for the next 19 months or so. Unless we take a higher road.

People are going to get in online arguments that they would never have face-to-face.¬†People we love and respect are going to come out in support of the side that we are against and we may think less of them for it. We’re going to put up giant, imaginary walls between ourselves and our friends and our family, over politics.

And I hate that. 

I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to put up walls. I don’t want to be surprised when someone I love reveals their political positioning. I don’t want to see the hate and the arguments and the separation. I don’t want that.

I want to see humanity come together. I want to see us stop forcing our personal principles¬†on other people. I want to function completely from a place of oneness and love and honor. I want to see the word NAMASTE come to life. I want to be the word¬†NAMASTE come to life…

I hate the separation that politics creates. I hate that even I am apparently still trapped in that separation.

Never again do I want my view of someone I truly love changed in any way over the fact that they believe differently than I do.

  • I want conservatives and liberals to LOVE EACH OTHER.
  • I want republicans and democrats to LOVE EACH OTHER.
  • I want the religious and the atheist¬†to LOVE EACH OTHER.
  • I want the¬†“red states” and the “blue states” to LOVE EACH OTHER.

Because LOVING EACH OTHER is the answer to all the problems that the whole world fights over. Love is always the answer.

I remember this other person that I once knew and loved – and sadly¬†I don’t know him anymore, he was kind of a conspiracy theorist and eventually dropped off the grid – but¬†he did this thing…

You know some years back when we shifted from shaking hands to fist-bumping? Well, when someone would go to fist-bump him, he would open up his hand so that their fist ended up in his palm and his fingers wrapped over the top of their hand.

I asked him about it once and he said “Baby D…if we open our hands instead of closing them when people do that, eventually we’ll all be holding hands” and I remember thinking how deeply meaningful that was. It was probably one of the most profound things I have ever been told. That was 16 years ago and I haven’t forgotten it. I never will.

So what if rather than turning away from one another, or even fist-bumping one another Рwhat if we instead opened our hands?

And opened our hearts?

What if we didn’t even bother with political position and instead JUST LOVED?

There’s many times in the coming months that we’ll have the opportunity to hide behind a screen and engage in disastrous argument. Many times that we’ll have the opportunity to judge another person because they think differently than we do. Many times that our friends and loved ones will take a stance quite opposite of our own, and that may be confusing.

So¬†what if we used those times, each and every one of them, whether digitally or physically, to open our hands? To value the other person’s humanity and heart? To see the beauty in diversity and maybe even learn something from it? What if we didn’t identify ourselves as one group or the other, but instead as uniquely-created yet¬†deeply-connected beings of¬†one perfect source?

What if we allow each other to be as we are without developing any judgement about it?

Ram Dass said this:

“When you go out into the woods and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You appreciate it. You see why it is the way it is. You sort of understand that it didn‚Äôt get enough light, and so it turned that way. And you don‚Äôt get all emotional about it. You just allow it. You appreciate the tree.¬†The minute you get near humans, you lose all that. And you are constantly saying ‚ÄúYou‚Äôre too this, or I‚Äôm too¬†this.‚ÄĚ That judging mind comes in. And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are.”

The same is true for all of the natural world. We do not say this mountain is better than that one, or this lake is better, or this river is better, or this canyon, valley, waterfall, whatever it is Рis better. We do not create walls and separation in those things. We value all of it, we appreciate all of it. We see the importance and greatness in all of it.

Are we not just as much a part of this incredibly beautiful creation as all of those things are?

Of course we are.

So I am committing myself to work on treating people the way I treat the wild world we live in.

Will you join me?

Let’s not create walls and separation as if some ideas, positions, beliefs, or understandings are better than others.

Let’s not allow the next couple years to divide us. Let’s work to be one.


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Anniversary Love Earth Day

That is what I call today. Because this is the day that I get to celebrate love, marriage, partnership, and our beautiful planet.

11 years ago, my husband asked me to be his girlfriend. Exactly 2 years later, we got married.

And both of those beautiful love moments of my life happened on the same day that we all come together to celebrate the awesomeness and magnificence of our incredible Earth!!

Let’s celebrate the Earth first. Here are some awesome ways:

Watch the full-length documentary, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, for $1.
That one little dollar buys you a lifetime digital copy that you can watch forever and ever.

Then check out some seriously strong tips from Wanderlust:

For me, it is all about selling the Keurig machine.

The guilt I have faced with every single cup I brew¬†for the last month and a half ¬†since the day I read this article is killing me. I don’t know how the impact didn’t occur to me prior to¬†that time, considering how much coffee I drink with¬†the boxes those cups come in, on top of the cup themselves. I really don’t know where my mind was at on this one. I feel terrible about it though. Like really horrendously awful. ūüôĀ

So today, for the sake of the Earth and not my own petty convenience, the Keurig is finding a new home via Craigslist and I will take the extra time to brew coffee using more environmentally friendly methods.

As for our¬†Anniversary/Love today…

I love this man.

I love what we have grown through together, the storms we have weathered, the intimacy we share.

I love that he knows me, every single bit of me, and loves me anyway.

I love how much we have experienced together and carried each other through.

I love the forgiveness and grace we’ve extended to one another over the years.

I love the acceptance and understanding we have come to, respecting and loving each other unconditionally.

I love that he lets me be a weird, flirtatious, whimsical, head-in-the-clouds, tree-hugging hippie.

Even though he is a down-to-earth, mechanical, technical, sometimes moody, car and import-racing enthusiast.

Its been said that I am the balloon and he is the string, and yeah, that is a pretty solid illustration.

We are in so many ways absolutely nothing alike and yet there is truly nobody else in the world I’d rather have dinner with.

Or make love to. Or take road trips with. Or sleep and dream and ride alongside.

I love this man. And I will love him forever.

Me and my sexy bearded man. I love him so much. <3















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Tuesday Review: Spring Field Tea Garden

I am probably definitely a little late on this (as you can see from the holiday decor in my pics), but the place was great, so better late than never!

Today’s review is about the adorable Spring Tea Garden at the Spring Field Banquet Center in Fullerton.

This place was absolutely delightful! We went for the Spring Tea Luncheon and much to my delight, we each got our own pot of tea. I chose the Bombay Chai and my friend chose the Passion Fruit Black (if I remember correctly) and whether I remember her choice or not, we both loved our selection. And when I had finished my entire pot, they re-filled me with hot water so I got to enjoy it all over again. Yay!

The sandwiches, fruit, and mini-desserts were all totally yummy. And that Devon Cream….mmmmm, no words. Just MMMM! I don’t keep that stuff in my house because I prefer that my jeans fit me. ūüėČ ¬†Seriously though, it was all really good.













































You! And you bestie, or mom, or sister, or whoever. Seems like a girl thing, but I suppose there’s plenty of dudes who might want to go for tea too. So whoever you like. I would personally keep it small, like 2-5 people. But whatever suits your fancy.


Afternoon Tea. (obviously) $18.95 per person on the weekends and $15.95 on Thursdays and Fridays.


Thursday through Sunday, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.


501 N. Harbor Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92832

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Because it is one of the few things I have described as “lovely” in my life and sincerely meant it. And after I described it as such, my friend Melanie who I was talking to said “you know, we don’t do enough ‘lovely’ things anymore” and she is precisely right. We really don’t. Life gets too busy and crazy and wacky, which pushes all the “lovely” stuff aside. So take an hour or two, grab your BFF, and go have tea. It really is quite nice.¬†Lovely, even. ūüėČ

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Tuesday Review: Plant Head Protein Powder

Welcome to the first installment of a new feature here at the blog: The Tuesday Review!

Each week, on Tuesdays obviously, I will post a review about something I have recently experienced – be it a product, book, blog, website, restaurant, hangout, or anything worth reviewing. I don’t know what all may come out of this, but I can promise that each and every review will be candid and honest.

Now, I tend to lean toward the positive but sometimes things really just suck. And unfortunately, that is the case with today’s subject of review.

Plant Head Protein Powder

(To be specific: I tried the vanilla, but in this case, it was so awful that there is zero chance I will try the chocolate or any other variety.)

I have been on a serious health mission for more than¬†four years now which has included the trial of all sorts of supplements, certainly a hefty variety of protein powders. There is one that I still swear by and recommend highly. And there are others that I tried and said “eh” which¬†may have been used a couple times before eventually finding their way to the back of my supplement shelf until the next cabinet purge.

This one though, was so terrible that I actually pulled my trash bag out of the bin and dug through it to find the receipt from Vitamin Shoppe and return it.

Yes. I dug through trash two days later and drove all the way back to the store to return an already-opened canister of protein powder.

Note that I have never in my life had the audacity to return an open supplement of any sort. I have a sort of personal policy that supplements are “try at your own risk” and no retailer deserves to be handed back an open container of such¬†partially used items.

This past weekend however, I cancelled said policy and took this crap back from whence it came.

(Note: Vitamin Shoppe was excellent about accepting the return. Because the item was opened, they could only give me store credit but since I spend an obscene amount of money at that place, it is a non-issue here. I will surely get my $24 back in other goods. Vitamin Shoppe is an AWESOME chain and I love them dearly. The negative aspect of this review should not reflect on them at all because they are absolutely great in every way.)

Now back to the powder.

This stuff has an impressive label. (And you *know* that I am a label-hound. I ready every little piece of those suckers and compare them¬†against every similar one there is.) So this one, after much deliberation, won my purchase. It was raw vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and also free of soy, dairy, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. The amino acid profile was solid, it had a blend of protein varieties (hemp, pea, rice, algalin, etc), and the given grams of said protein were good. The only thing I would’ve liked to see is a bit more fiber, but I let it go because the pros appeared to outweigh the cons.

Unfortunately though, that was not the case.

The first thing this protein powder did wrong was ruin my banana bread. And I love banana bread, people. Its one of my favorite things in the whole world. Want me to like you? Bring homemade banana bread, it practically guarantees our friendship.

Not to mention, baking with vanilla protein powder is usually a pretty safe bet. You can typically replace 1/4 to 1/2 cup of the amount of flour called for with vanilla protein powder and come out with great results. In this case, I went modest and used a 1/4 cup of the stuff only for my banana bread to come out tasting like dry, disgusting crap!! And God as my witness, I have never made a bad banana bread. EVER.

So ruining my banana bread was Offense #1.

But I figured I would give it¬†the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe it just wasn’t heat-friendly for some reason. So the next morning I tossed a scoop of it into my otherwise gloriously perfect morning smoothie. Another thing I love in this world is my smoothie. Kale, three different kinds of berries, banana, ground flaxseed, a splash of OJ, and water. This is my go-to morning happiness.

But with a scoop of this repulsive powder, my smoothie was RUINED.

Ruined, I tell you. I could not even drink it. And I tried, oh man, did I try. I took the initial gulp with all kinds of excitement….followed by wretched disappointment. But I wasn’t about to waste a perfectly good bunch of kale, berries, and everything else. So I said “suck it up, Danielle” and carried it with me to finish getting ready as I always do.

Another drink. More disgust.

One last good shot at it, and I just. Could. Not. It was terrible.

It smells pretty good, which is sadly misleading because it makes you think it is going to taste good too. But it tastes like nothing you’d ever want in your mouth. And the level of chalkiness is incomparable. I have had other vegan protein powders, and yes, they tend to be a little more chalky than your typical whey powder, but they’re palatable. This shit IS NOT.

I can’t even tell you what it tastes like. It is not a grassy or plant kind of taste. It is something alien and otherworldly.
And seriously, the chalk factor. I mean, for crying out loud, it ruined banana bread!!! That’s almost impossible.
Then what it did to my smoothie was absolutely the worst thing in the world.


I wouldn’t recommend this stuff to an enemy, let alone a friend.

Don’t waste your money. There are far better options out there.













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