About Danielle


My Background

I am a health and wellness professional and I aim to be of service to the world by helping people live more connected and healthy lives.

I am also the Founder of Anamaya Adventures, and a Certified Health Coach, Outdoor Guide, Personal Trainer, Ordained Minister, and Counselor.

I have spent more than two decades forming my approach to total wellness. I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition; Western Yoga College; Hope International University; and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have also trained under the guidance of a Crystal Reiki master, and advanced Personal Trainers and Nutrition Experts.

My pathway to this work began when I started practicing Yoga at age 14. About a year later, I received a gift from a dear friend – a book titled Be Here Now by Ram Dass – which ended up being a defining event in my life. That book led me to new insights and curiosities, and my journey to this work was forged by giving due reflection to my discoveries and relentlessly pursuing the questions that came up.

I believe that the journey to wholeness is ongoing, ever-evolving, always learning, and worthy of devout attention. I am a lifelong learner, mother of three, happily married, and can often be found frolicking in the forest talking to the trees.

What I Know For Sure

Lessons learned along the way...

> The most life-changing holistic health practice that one can adopt is meditation.

> We move through life in a cyclical (not linear) way.

> Whole health is truly a function of mind, body, and spirit.  

> What is done to one is done to the whole; our health is the world’s health. 

> Each of us must start where we are, without judgement. This moment is exactly where we are supposed to be.

> Our journeys are not timed and there is no required pace to keep.

> Everything is energy and we can sense, share, and absorb all of it. It is important to nurture and protect our own level of energetic vibration.

> One path cannot be measured against another; each trek is truly unique.

> Society has conditioned people to believe many limiting falsehoods. Breaking down those lies and discovering truth is a special kind of freedom.