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Ministry & Light

I am an ordained minister and crystal reiki practitioner. I offer energy healing work and can officiate weddings and other life celebration ceremonies. This work is dear to my heart and done with the deepest of love. 

I respect all spiritual paths and expressions of the divine. I believe love is love. I know all who seek will find, and all who knock will be welcomed. 

Officiant / Celebrant Services

Crystal Reiki

Chakra Balancing

With reflective and open-ended guidance, we will determine where your chakra imbalances may be and immediately work to heal and bring balance back to your energy centers.

Energy Work & Healing

Everything is energy; and everything is constantly exchanging vibrations. I am happy to teach practices and share resources and remedies to raise one's own vibration and energetic level. 

High Vibration Crystals

I have a passion for working with the healing energy of crystals. Using my expertise in the area of chakra and energy work, combined with knowledge of how these incredible stones interact with those energies, using high-vibration authentic crystals is a cherished and meaningful part of my work. 

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Danielle Hewitt

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